I can see a museum as an underrated tourist attraction, but a grocery store?

In an article posted to supercompressor.com, NYC's Tenament Museum was ranked as the most underrated tourist attraction in New York. The Tenament Museum is a building on Manhattan's lower East side. It's basically a true re-creation of an apartment building that housed immigrants from 1863 to 1935. I'm sure it's small and cramped.

Two words that will deter any fat man, like myself, from entering.

Now, Supercompressor's choice for Connecticut's most underrated tourist attraction is one that I whole-stomach-ly agree with!

Photo courtesy of Large Dave's phone and wallet

A supermarket as an underrated tourist attraction? HELL YES! Stew's is awesome!

It's a maze to walk through. Their famous animatronics and copious samples will keep the kids and the parents happy. Think of your average grocery store-- if a team of Hollywood producers came in and started blowing cash to make every corner "Pop"? That's what Stew Leonard's is. We are very lucky to have Stew's in Danbury, Norwalk, and Newington.

You can read Supercompressor's whole article and see the complete list for "Most underrated tourist attractions for all 50 states HERE.

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