Matt Damon was always the only option.

I thought that the casting of Jeremy Renner in the last attempt at a Bourne movie was a valiant attempt, but a failure none the less. BOURNE IS BACK

The argument for being able to move on from Matt Damon, and have another actor in there, was the success of the Bond Movies, and their interchangeable movie stars. The problem with that is the Bond movies suck, and the Bourne movies rule. MURICA!

The story of Jason Bourne needles the paranoid part of our brain that says everyone is out to get us. They are all-in on it, and we are on our own in terms of fighting it. Matt Damon captured that sentiment perfectly, and along the way, kicked a lot of people's faces in. I will be at the theater with popcorn in hand when this movie hits the big screen.