The Prospector Theatre in Ridgefield is quite unique and very special. The "unique" comes from each of the four theaters having state of the art sound and digital technology plus big comfy seats. The "special" comes from their mission to provide educational and employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities.

The largest theatre is 162 seats and the smallest is 16 seats which is geared to people who might have sensory issues and aren't able to enjoy a film in a larger theatre.

Amy Winehouse Performs at the Grammys'......................Getty Images

The film "Amy" which is a bio-film about Amy Winehouse is featured at The Prospector this week. Valerie Jensen is the woman who made The Prospector a reality. She had stopped at a light on Prospect Street right in front of the old theatre that was scheduled for demolition.

She stared at that old theatre while she was waiting for the light to change as a vision came to her. She knew right then and there, before the light changed back to green, what she must do ... rebuild the theatre.

The Prospector Theatre in Ridgefield...............Google Street View

Audiences young and old flock to this Ridgefield theatre, drawn by the quality programming, first run movies, documentaries, sing-a-longs, classics, and theme nights. Check out The Prospector's website for movie times and special events.

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