I have been to Trump Tower, it is positioned in the heart of NYC. That is fine if you are a real estate and media mogul. If you are the President-elect you need to move. No matter what security you put in place you need, at the very least a safe and fast exit route, Trump Tower does not have that.

You do not have to be a security or military expert to know that a high rise with public access in a congested city is no place for the most divisive man on earth.

Not only is the security of the office/man at risk but so are the lives of his family. Furthermore, it comes at a huge cost to the city of New York. The only thing Mayor Bill Diblasio has ever said that I agree with is that the city of N.Y. should be  reimbursed for the security cost of the President-elect.

I am sure that Donald Trump over the years has installed security for himself and his family. I am also sure that the Secret Service and NYPD are capable to protect Donald Trump under normal circumstances. The problem is, we are not living under normal circumstances. The safety of the highest office in America is in the hands of a small number of men and women defending a public place, with public access, stuck in the busiest city in the America.

To suggest that Donald Trump has not already been told to move by his advisers is naive. For our next President to not find a more secure, less expensive location for this transition is equally naive.