You know the ones that I'm talking about

If you drive along Church Hill Road in Newtown, you've hit them. As you travel Eastbound, just before the railroad trestle by the intersection of Wall Road, right by the entrance to Cave Comics, they strike. Those stupid manhole-cover potholes. They shock you out of a calm demeanor, they jar your sciatic nerve into rage. What the hell Newtown?

These things have been there for DECADES. I remember hitting these things back in the 90's! I've grown accustomed to them, I drive on the very right side of the shoulder to avoid them. But, I see so many people roll right in, and then I see them grimace from the impact. These are not just ordinary potholes that you can throw some patch in and forget about, these are sunken manhole covers.

I'm begging the next person sent out to mill Church Hill Road, please fix these things! It's decades overdue.

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