If you choose not to believe in the phenomena known as climate change, you need not read any further.

If you need a reason to yell a series of expletives as you freeze your ass off shoveling the driveway, that reason is the POLAR VORTEX and it's going to make for an angry winter in the greater Danbury area.

What is the Polar Vortex you might ask? The Polar Vortex is that ginormous zone of cold air that hangs out in the Arctic during the winter, but occasionally gets bored and likes to break out and head south. When the Polar Vortex is strong, it stays where it belongs in the Arctic and that's good news for us. When it gets cranky and heads our way, that's when our winter SUCKS!


Science Alert tells us the Polar Vortex is shifting, which spells trouble for the northeast and the Arctic. Simply put, the temperatures in the Arctic are 36 degrees warmer than they should be, which means the polar ice cap is slowly but surely melting. If you agree with the naysayers about climate change, you have nothing to worry about, unless you have an oceanfront home.  If you live in New England but hate the cold, the snow, the ice, the shoveling, the brushing the snow off your car, and/or the freezing rain, my advice would be to either move to where it's warm or do what my wife Mindy does, never go outside until May 1st.

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