Because complaints about loud music are way up in Danbury, according to the News-Times, Mayor Mark Boughton, along with city leaders, are discussing the possibility of adding "Noise Patrol Officers."

Instead of a gun, the "noise patrol," will be armed with decibel meters and assigned to Rogers Park and Hatters Park where the noise complaints are most prevalent. It's a new citywide effort to lower the noise and the funk from car owners and club owners.

City Councilman, Paul Rotello told the News-Times, "In my neighborhood, the guy parks his car in front of his house, opens up a beer, sits in a chair, turns it up full blast, and he is in heaven. Except heaven lasts apparently for eight to 12 hours."


Boughton thinks that "noise patrol officers" would be good for the city.

"The noise ordinance is tough to enforce because if somebody calls the police and they see the cop coming, they simply turn down the sound," Boughton told the News-Times. "We pull away, and they turn it back up, so it's difficult and challenging to manage."

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