Dave Franco, Rob Gronkowski, Colin Kapernik, Javier Bardem, Julio Jones....are you kidding me? 

You could not do a short Madden NFL Film without Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk shooting footballs from a rocket launcher is great but Kapernik really nailed it as Al Pacino from "Scent of a Woman."

How they convinced Javier Bardem to play the bad guy in an off the wall short film for a video game is beyond me but it happened and it was brilliant.

Madden is the only video game I have consistently played throughout the years.  It is without a doubt the greatest video game of all time and it looks like that hot streak will continue.  Those graphics look sick.

I've been playing this game since WAY back in the day.

It was impossible for me to not watch this.  It had Gronk, Dave Franco, football and comedy.  PURE GENIUS.