There have been only a few times in my life that I've considered leaving my hometown of Waterbury. An expansion by a local business in Naugatuck may be the spark that makes me consider a move to Hoadley Street or Rubber Avenue.

The Naugatuck Truck has been delivering beer, wine, and alcohol to Naugatuck residents since December. The owner of the company, Adam Lopez, announced via The Naugatuck Truck's Facebook page that they're expanding their delivery service to include many more options beyond a 6 pack of PBR.

Those options include: Groceries from Big Y, food from McDonald's, KFC, Subway, or Dunkin Donuts, household items from Rite Aid or CVS, or some tasty beef jerky and a lighter from Cumberland Farms.

Credit - Google

Basically, they've partnered up with everyday local businesses that we all frequent throughout Naugy.

Delivery prices are posted as a flat $2.99 delivery fee, plus a 9% convenience charge.

Give The Naugatuck Truck a call at 203-723-3394 to set up your delivery.

This is a great idea! I'm sure that parents that don't want to gather up the kids in order to run down to Cumby for that gallon of milk will think of this service as a Godsend. And the people that drank a bit too much at 66 Church will be ringing in for a nice latte and a bagel from Dunkin on Saturday mornings.

I can just picture it -- "Aw dude, my legs are numb from running around the field after the Hounds beat the Crusaders last night. I need a lighter and a pack of Marlboro Reds. Quick, call the Naugatuck Truck!"