As we approach America on Tap CT on Sept. 12 at Ives Concert Park , it's always fun to talk about different ways to get "your buzz on".

Beer is always delicious, but how about hard liquor?

According to Business Insider, each state has their favorite liquor, and for our lovely states of Connecticut and New York, you might be surprised who made the list of our favorites.

The study done at the drinking social app, BARTENDr, said that Patron is Connecticut's most popular liquor. This was determined after analyzing data from about 700,000 users across the country.

For New York, the study found that Hennessy was the Empire State's favorite liquor when it came time to party or relax. Our friends in Jersey's favorite liquor was Fireball, which, I would think would be the most popular in CT just based on what I see at local bars, but who knows!

If you're more of a beer person than a liquor person, you'll want to be out the area's premiere craft beer festival America on Tap CT. Buy your tickets and get details on the event at: