During my 64 years on this planet, I have witnessed hundreds of fireworks displays, but on Saturday, July 4 while Mindy and I were visiting a dear friend in Portland, Maine, we experienced a "fireworks show" of monumental proportions.

This "fireworks show" took place on Portland's, Casco Bay complete with live patriotic music from the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

Portland's Casco Bay......ethanphotos

The only drawback to the event was that alcohol was not allowed. When faced with this conundrum, one must improvise by pouring your libation of choice into the largest water bottle available at your local supermarket.

Once that task was completed, the five of us marched up the street, which were blocked off for the event, complete with lawn chairs and our large water bottles filled with adult liquid refreshment.

It was the five of us joined by 50,000 other spectators as we lined the gorgeous sloped grass field overlooking the bay, listening to the Portland Symphony, eating fried dough and watching a fireworks display like I have never seen before.

Check out my video of the finale, especially the last 48 seconds. The woman shouting in the background is, of course my wife!

Portland, ME Fireworks....ethanphotos

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