According to the Daily Mail, a flight from India to Dubai turned ugly when one passenger went on a pro-ISIS rant that turned violent.

The passenger, according to reports, was arrested by an anti-terrorism agency when the flight landed in Mumbai. That's kind of a touchy subject right now. You don't want to be screaming pro ISIS propaganda on a plane. Even worse, you don't want to hear pro ISIS propaganda being screamed on a plane. That's freak out city.

Can you just imagine sitting on the plane with your wife or girlfriend when the guy starts shouting these things out? She is going to look to you to come up with a plan, and get all of this to stop. You're screwed from there on out.

Air travel is bad enough. We have to deal with long TSA lines, crazy fees, delays, cancellations, bad food, recycled air, broken TVs, and lost luggage. The experience leaves a lot to be desired. We put up with all that, though, because we are typically headed somewhere we really want to be. But, if we are going to start shouting terrorism gibberish on the planes now, you can keep it. I will gladly find a vacation destination that I can reach by car.