I'm all for sportsmanship, but this is ridiculous. Is he really supposed to feel bad about winning by so much?

Geno Auriemma told the News Times that the when he was at the top of his game, Tiger Woods didn't face criticism. In fact, he elevated the golf game of those around him who had to compete.

He said this in response to questions about whether or not the Huskies blowing everyone out was good for the sport. What is he supposed to do? This is as big as it gets as far as the stage is concerned. These are not elementary school children, this is the big leagues. You can't let off the gas to protect anyone's feelings.

Here is an idea, if you don't want to get beat by 50 points, then don't get beat by 50 points. If you do get beat by 50 points, realize you got wrecked, lick your wounds, and do better next time. Don't go changing coach, you have nothing to apologize for.