I cannot remember a summer this hot.  I'm not complaining, trust me I'm not. 

After the winter we just had, a summer this hot is fine with me.  People keep saying we need the rain though.  Lemme tell you something when the sky is this blue I don't even notice that the grass is this brown....who really cares man I'm either looking up or at the water or for that matter in the water.

It is intense though.  My God man the heat!

I wonder if you can actually sweat your rear end off?  I know people say it all the time but maybe that's because that somewhere along the line it actually happened to someone.

The funny part about heat waves like this is you always hear on TV and radio reminders about checking in on senior citizens to make sure they are OK.  Do seniors not know about air conditioning and water? I mean  they are the elders you would think they should know more than us and be tapped into information like hydration for instance.

Also, the implication is that we only check on them DURING a heat wave.  Is that not something we should be doing all year round?  I guess I have more questions than answers on this one, but it's going to be a sweaty ride at least for the next few days.