My buddy Jeremiah commutes along the Taconic quite often, and he's afraid of this thing

If you drive on the Taconic State Parkway upstate in Spencertown, NY, you may have seen the giant head on the side of the road. It's local artist Ron Kanwit's sculpture "Giant Head." This is on his land, and his business Taconic Sculpture is right there.

Now, that is the rational explanation. I prefer to think of this as a giant being sent to Earth to monitor Jeremiah's every move. Silently judging him from atop the hill, patiently waiting for him to go 5 miles above the speed limit, and getting those laser beams eyes ready to blast when he least expects it.

From what I am reading about this location, there are a lot of different sculptures on the property. I'll bet that at least a few of them are going to be waiting for my buddy JJ the next time he has to head upstate. Beware sir, they are silently plotting your demise.

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