The Ridgefield Playhouse is the perfect venue for a one night only 'Ethan and Lou 10th Anniversary Special!' Ethan Carey said:

"This staged production of our morning show is going to be so much fun, I hope I don't fart during 'Missed Headlines!'

Yes, Lou and I will doing a special 'Missed Headlines' segment during our show which will also feature semi-regular in-studio guest and our favorite stand-up comedian, R.C. Smith along with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. Our featured house band for the evening is The Doug Wahlberg Band featuring Rick Tedesco along with musical guests, Ethan James and James Hedrick.

Ethan James - Credit - Ethan Carey

'The 'Ethan and Lou 10th Anniversary Special' on Friday evening August 18 at 8pm will make you laugh and it just might make you cry. Meet Lou and I in the lobby after the show for a cocktail reception. Think of the 'Ethan and Lou 10th Anniversary Special' like a road trip with your family when you were 8 years old, and the best part, you won't have to stop for pee breaks. Click this link to purchase your $15 ticket online or order your tickets by phone by calling the Ridgefield Playhouse at 203-438-5795.

Ethan and Lou - Credit - Peter Lerman