You don't even have to get out of your car, just honk if you're horny. No, I'm sorry, that got away from me. What I meant to say was that it's one honk if you are voting for Donald J. Trump and two for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I will be at the side of the Exit 2 commuter lot in Danbury, CT.

Let your voice be heard, vote or die, if you see something, say something, rock the vote, all that crap. Just try not to throw things at me this time. That is right, I have done this before, and that election was not even close to being as contentious as this one.

Tomorrow, I am an impartial observer and recorder. I will be there to gather the voice of the people between 8 AM and 9 AM. I will then gather and calculate my results and share them on the I-95 morning show. It's going to be wild times in Danbury, CT with the Ethan and Lou show.