I've noticed the fencing going up around the Shell station on Middlebury Road/Rt. 64 over the past few weeks, and the telltale sign of a closed gas station are the outdated gas prices. The prices listed today are about 10-20 cents cheaper than the current prices at the nearby Mobil. This morning, construction/destruction workers were milling about the property pushing large piles of dirt around.

Work has finally started full-throttle on the new, larger Shell gas station and convenience store in Middlebury. The new store will stand on land that was formerly occupied by the current Shell, plus the adjacent land where Johnny's Dairy Bar and Vinny's Pizza once stood.

Photo by Large "Beef Jerky" Dave

This area has undergone a gas station/convenience store renaissance over the past year, with the renovation of the Mobil around the corner on Rt. 63, and the addition of the new ProFuel on nearby Chase Parkway in Waterbury.


Photo by Large "Convenient" Dave

From the looks of things, by Christmastime, Eastern Middlebury/Western Waterbury residents like myself will not have to drive very far to fuel up, or pick up a nice pint of Ben & Jerry's and a pack of Marlboro Reds.