We're less than two months away before the puck drops to officially startup the sixth Federal Hockey League (FHL) season on Danbury ice. With the Danbury Whalers now defunct, two new teams have risen owned by Bruce Bennett, the owner of Bruce Bennett Nissan in Wilton, the Danbury Titans, who will play in the Danbury Arena and The Brewster Bulldogs, who will play in the Brewster Arena.

According to the News-Times, after last Saturdays exhibition game between the two teams, it was evident that a new cross town rivalry was beginning to brew.

Titans coach, Phil Esposito, told the News-Times:

"The league is in an unbelievable state right now. Bruce has brought a whole new light to the league, and he's brought a whole new level of professionalism to the league. It's just a good place to be working." Former Danbury Whaler captain, David Lun, is the new Brewster Bulldog coach. "He's an attention to detail guy" Esposito said of his former captain. "He's going to develop his own habits and his own way of doing things. I'm helping him and I'll be there whenever he needs me, but when that puck drops, he's on his own."

The rivalry launches in the season opener on Nov. 6 at the Brewster Ice Arena, when the two teams go head to head, and then come together again the following night at the Danbury Ice Arena. For tickets, call 844-DT-HOCKEY.

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