You couldn't listen to the radio, watch tv, or scroll through your Facebook feed over the past month without hearing about creepy clowns.

Recently, Moose, the i95 mascot, emerged from semi-retirement. In anticipation of the i95 Howlin' Halloween party at 1st & 10 Sports Bar & Grill this Saturday night, Moose went out and got himself a trendy clown mask. He tried it out around the office, and, well, let's just say that we've had enough of clowns around here.

I think I crushed his dreams when I pointed out that the mask only covered his nose. I should have made him feel better by telling him that he looked like a Juggalo, but I just couldn't.

If you see Moose wandering along Federal Road, act scared. Yes, it's very strange to see an adult Moose wearing a creepy clown mask, but think of all the joy that Moose brings you regularly. Throw him a bone, or better yet, a carrot and a Milky Way.