Once upon a time in a town called New Milford there was this guy named Larry, who loved his barbecue. He loved it so much that he ate it morning, noon, and night. Unfortunately, Larry's Mom only served him barbecued pork out of a can, which Larry loved over his toast every morning 365 days a year!

Larry also loved beer, which he drank  only with his canned barbecue, which he ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately, Genny Cream Ale in cans was Larry's beer of choice until one day, his only friend Dick finally smacked Larry upside the head about his sick obsession with canned barbecue and stinky beer which led to a "stinky barbecue and brews" intervention. 


Fortunately our story about Larry and his sick and twisted eating habits comes to a happy ending after his friend Dick hog tied him to the front seat of his '98 Dodge Grand Caravan, with the help of Larry's mom, and drove him to the Cookhouse for a full rack of Cookhouse ribs! After dinner, Larry immediately logged onto http://i95rock.com/brews-bbq/ and bought 3 tickets for the I-95 Brews and Barbecue Festival this Saturday at The Ives Concert Park from 3 till 10pm featuring some of the most awesome barbecue and craft beers you've ever tasted!! Great music too!!!!!!