Nestled in the rolling hills of Litchfield County, Torrington is the largest city in Litchfield County proper. With a population of around 36,000, videos out of Torrington have been slow to make their way to the public. Let's take a peek into this Northern stronghold. You want a Waterbury fight video? No problem, there are hundreds. Only two decent ones have made their way to YouTube from Torrington.

I won't post those fights. Honestly, they're pretty boring, although one dude with a huge chest tattoo gets laid out. I'd rather show you a few other interesting videos that I've searched out for your viewing pleasure.

Here are my picks for the most interesting moments captured on video in Torrington, CT


  • Willie Nelson at the Warner Theater

    Good ol' Willie. Here's a clip capturing Willie's performance of his classic "Always on my Mind" and the Warner Theater in 2009.

  • Man Objects to Breastfeeding Mom

    This one garnered national attention a couple of months ago. The video reportedly captures the moments after the verbal reprimand

  • Toppling Turbine Tower

    You don't have to go to the Vegas Strip to see a huge man-made structure come down, you can watch this and see a 200 foot wind turbine fall to pieces. I love the musical change from suspense to rocking dubstep as the tower hits the ground.

  • Blizzard Timelapse

    A brutal Nor'easter whacked us here in February of 2013. This is a rather quick timelapse shot of the white stuff piling up. I like how it really starts coming down about :30 seconds in.

  • The Cutest Cat in Torrington

    Meet Simba, this cat really likes turkey, and it makes aggressive weird sounds when you try to take the turkey back.