The Oakland Raiders are 10-2, the Kansas City Chiefs are 9-3. The Chiefs won the first match up between the two teams earlier this year. The winner of this game will likely take the crown in the ultra competitive AFC West.

Although the Raiders have a better record right now they need the game more than the Chiefs. A loss here would be devastating despite their great record. A loss means being swept by their division rival. If both teams end the year with the same record the tie breaker in that case would go to the Chiefs. It's a must win.

Thursday Night Football has cranked out one terrible game after another this year. They needed this one to land on their schedule and if these two teams play the way they have all year it should be a good one. There has not been a regular season game all season with more on the line than this one.

Both of these teams are real good and the Raiders would be division leaders in any other division in football right now with the exception of the NFC East. Yes, that includes the AFC East Pats fans. Sure they have the same record but they have not met this year. So the tie breaker in that case goes to strength of schedule and the Raiders have the edge.

The Raiders will win this game but not without giving Raider fans like myself a heart attack. We all know Oakland is the best 4th quarter team in football. Plus if the Chiefs stand a chance they have to hold the Raiders under 35 points, easier said than done.

Just win baby!