The 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES AND YES!  I was born in '79.  I started to formulate my opinions on women, life, drugs, sex, jobs and people in general during the 80's.  They say your formative years happen from the time you can remember stuff until you start smoking weed.  So yeah, the 80's are where are formulated my stuff!  Women with big hair and shoulder pads and Camaro's made me who I am today.  Here are the best things from the 80's:


Complicated, I mean I'm a Metallica lifer and they made their best music in the 80's.  They were the Aggressive-counterculture.  But I loved Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison and Motley Crue.  I know, what a loser!

Music's best of the 80's:


Bruce Springsteen - what he did in the 80's was amazeballs

Van Halen - This is on the list for you, not me.  I never gave a F*(&K

Poison - Play un-skinny bob right now and see if some chick does not lose her mind!

Motley Crue - Girls, girls, girls

Michael Jackson - Thriller, nuff said

Bon Jovi - OWNED THE POP WORD, chick, New Jersey, SWAG, all of it happening at once!  BOOM!  (had a Jon Bon Jovi poster on my wall, he had a toy airplane on his left shoulder, don't know why, don't care!)

Comedians -

Rodney Dangerfield

Eddie Murphy

Bill Murray

Your mom - HAHA

Fashion -


Big Hair - The bigger the hair, the closer to GOD!

People -

Annarose Fattizzi  - Everyone has a youth crush and mine was Annarose, she had the prettiest face, had it in the front and the back and dimples that you could land a space craft in.  This was not creepy or weird, it was before I ever kissed a girl, etc.  The first girl you ever notice counts.  Annarose was mine.