The world has seen it's fair share of legendary parties, but none of them will be remembered after July 18 when the Bacon and Brew melts your face.

It will melt your face, it will change your life, the air will never taste the same and colors will no longer have any meaning to you.  Arrive at your own risk.

What do we have ... oh, I don't know just a little thing called BACON.

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OK we don't have Kevin Bacon although he will be on our show next week.

We have live music from Leslie "freaking" West from Mountain.

We have live music from Cracker

OH and We have BEER!  Who does not love beer?

Everyone from i95 will be in attendance if you care to meet us...I know we wanna meet you.

We will have free stuff to give away.  It will be a love fest bigger than Woodstock itself.  This is not anything you want to miss.  Bacon...chocolate covered bacon.....deep fried bacon all going down into your gullet and you will experience glorious joy inside and out.

It's $15 dollars if you buy them right now at, and $20 that day.

July 18 on the Green in Downtown Danbury, CT.  BE THERE!