With the holidays bearing down on us, the overly organized must get on the stick, and begin planning their dessert pie selections.

Recently Connecticut Magazine published an article about The Best 9 Dessert Pies in Connecticut. I gotta tell ya, I'm not making a day trip out of going to buy a couple of dessert pies, so here are my picks for some excellent pie eating in the greater Danbury area.

  • 1

    The American Pie Company - Sherman

    Celebrating their 23rd year in business, American Pie not only bakes up an amazing pie but is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their pies are made from scratch and include apple, apple crumb, cherry crumb, blueberry crumb, pecan, key lime, and the list goes on. My favorites, the apple and cherry crumb, sweet but just the right amount of tartness. Moi delicious! Reserve your holiday treats at 860-350-0662.

  • 2

    The Goodie Shoppe - New Fairfield

    Owned by Culinary School graduate, Mark Jayson, the Goodie Shoppe in New Fairfield has been a sweet spot in the community for many years. Everything is baked fresh on the premises by Mark himself including his outrageous 'Black & White' cookies, pastries, breads, and cakes. Mark's pumpkin and apple pies get swiped up as soon as they come out of the kitchen, so order ahead of time at 203-746-7279.

  • 3

    The Mothership Bakery & Cafe - Danbury

    The 'Mothership' began as a mobile bakery housed in an Airstream trailer and became so incredibly popular, Anna and her husband Mark had to migrate to a cafe space inside the Ridgefield Corporate Center, which is located at 44 Ridgebury Road. They serve breakfast and lunch and according to Yelp reviewers, everything is made from scratch and is simply delicious and, they also serve their homemade quiches and pies by the slice!

  • 4

    Layla's Bakery - Brookfield

    Layla's is located at 316 Federal Rd. in Brookfield and earns a sparkling 4 out 5 Yelp review. Rave reviews cheered about their banana crepes and omelettes all made from scratch. Fresh breads are baked from scratch daily and they offer freshly baked muffins, 9 varieties of scones, cakes, 5 different kinds of pastries, and linzer tarts. Keep in mind they close at 2pm during the week.

  • 5

    Stew Leonard's - Danbury

    Stews is located on Federal Road in Danbury across the street from Colonial Ford. Certainly not as quaint as the Goodie Shoppe or Layla's Bakery but the variety is awesome. From pies to cakes, muffins to doughnuts, breads to bagels, Stews has everything and everything is magnificent. Because of the crowds of shoppers and the volume they sell, everything is wonderfully fresh. My favorite pie from Stews is their pumpkin followed closely by their cherry crumb.

  • 6

    Blue Jay Orchards - Bethel

    Let me tell you something. Sinking your teeth into a homemade apple pie from that apple orchard bakery is a gastronomical experience to behold! Blue Jay Orchards is located at 125 Plumtrees Road in Bethel. I still remember their cider donuts from 25 years ago when we took our kids to Blue Jay to pick apples. Apple picking season is over at Blue Jay but their farm shop and bakery are still open.