This just begs the question of how did those memos get crossed?

To know me is to know Pam Jam has a "need for speed!" I love it FAST! Hell when my car got wrecked by a tractor trailer on I-84 many years ago and my husband had to pick me up at the body shop they towed it to/

is first words to me..well after he made sure I was OK was, "Honey they say Rubbin' is Racin"!

So I salute NASCAR and share this info with you:

Annually celebrated across the United States on the third Friday in May is NASCAR Day. It''s a celebration of NASCAR drivers, celebrities, corporate partners, media and millions of fans coming together to raise funds for charitable causes.

“We believe our greatest asset is the power and passion of our NASCAR fans: passion both for the sport and for giving back.  NASCAR Day is an annual celebration of this NASCAR spirit.”

2015 celebrates the 12th year anniversary of NASCAR Day. To find out all there is to know go to NASCAR.

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And I salute getting out,exercising, and yes, saving our environment! I KNOW - I find myself at odds with that often!

National Bike Day and Bike To Work Day was started almost 60 years ago as a way to promote biking as a healthy and fun way to get to work. But of course it was a bit easier back then! Don't even get me started on that you'd like to know more go to BIKE LEAGUE.

However, for maximum impact on both of these fronts, I sure do think someone in the head offices of both organizations should have checked the calendar, checked the "National Day Of" site, checked  somewhere!

Just sayin'..they don't EXACTLY go hand in hand!

Ok..I'm drive..while listening to Queen's "Bicycle Race"