This was a first for me in the workplace.  Being that I am in an unconventional business I have see a lot of weird things over the years.  I worked with a guy who refused to wear shoes at the office. 

We have had dogs and cats roaming the halls of the radio station.  People bring their family members to work for no reason. I've worn my sweatpants to work.  This is not your normal office but this is a new one.  I got to work on Monday and found what I believe to be a loose tooth and let's just say it raised some questions.  I first poked it with a pen to see if it moved.  If it had I was outta here.  It did not and upon further examination I was certain I was looking at a loose tooth.  I decided I would wait for someone else to see it because I wanted an untainted opinion as to what it might be.  Five minutes later Pam Brooks walked into the I-95 studio and while getting her things settled saw this and yelled to me:  "Is that a tooth?"  Now I knew I was not seeing things.

  • Here is all I know for sure: 
  • Pam and I both saw it.
  • Neither one of us touched it.
  • We left it there for someone else to see and or discard.
  • No one else mentioned anything to us about it.
  • I have not seen it since Monday.


  • Here are the questions I have:
  • Is it for sure a tooth?
  • If it is not a tooth then what is it?
  • If it is a tooth, whose is it?
  • If it is indeed a human tooth and it came out of someone's mouth, how could they not know?
  • If it's a tooth and it came out of a human's mouth, then why oh why would they leave it here at the radio station?  I mean really!  Who thinks that is OK?

This may be one of those mysteries that remains a mystery until the end of my days on this earth.  If that is the case this will haunt me forever.  On my death bed I will be begging for answers about this tooth.  Please whose tooth was that?  WHY A TOOTH?  WHY WAS I CHOSEN TO SEE THIS TOOTH?

If you or anyone you know has any information on this tooth, know it's whereabouts or the whereabouts of it's owner please contact me at 203-775-9595.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation into this ongoing investigation.