An unexpected follow from the British rock legends made me rethink the whole Twitter thing.

I'll admit, I have a Twitter account but I don't do much with it other than stalk keep tabs on my kids.  I have enough going on with my Facebook page (and keeping track of all of our listener questions & comments on the I-95 Facebook page) without having to come up with a second set of pronouncements, opinions, bodily functions, etc for my whopping 48 Twitter followers.  I've contributed a grand total of 6 tweets to the Twittersphere.

So imagine my surprise to get an email that Foghat, the legendary British blues-rockers, were following me!  I have always loved Foghat's music.  At the risk of dating myself, their logo was carved into most desks in my high school by bored kids in study hall.  I had "Foghat Live" on 8-track, for cryin' out loud, (OK, I am totally dating myself now) and loved the extended version of "Slow Ride" although I hated the fact that one of the best songs on that album, "Home In My Hand," cut off halfway through to change programs. I've seen 'em a few times over the years and they still sound great, carrying on the tradition even after the death of their original lead singer & guitarist, "Lonesome" Dave Peverett in 2000.

So, it was a neat "Huh! That's cool!" moment to get that email.  I'm sure the combination of (mostly Classic Rock) bands that I follow on Twitter just hit the right algorithm for whoever handles their social media, but it still brought a smile to my weekend.  I'll be Foghat fanboying for awhile now.

I'd write more on this subject, but I've got to go compose a cool tweet.  Foghat's hanging on my every word, you know.  In the meantime, here's "Home In My Hand..." without the "Ka-chunk" of the 8-track changing programs!