i95 and KICKS 105.5 present Bacon and Brew, a one day festival dedicated to all things bacon and craft beer.

Bacon and Brew starts at 3PM on Saturday, July 18 at the City Center Green in Danbury. In addition to a plethora of bacon dishes and selection of craft beers, we'll have six live bands (like Mountain's Leslie West and Cracker), vendors, games, prize giveaways and more.

Tickets are $15 online and will be $20 at the door. You can get your tickets now at ctbaconandbrew.com.

In addition to all these awesome things, here are five people you might see on the Green at CityCenter Danbury this Saturday:


  • 1

    The Bacon Obsessed

    Would a Bacon and Brew Fest be complete without that person who literary lives, breathes, and eats bacon 24/7? Absolutely not!

    You'll be able to spot this person, as they'll likely have a greasy upper lip and oily fingers, and will be hovering by each of the vendors' tables all day trying to get his or her hands on as much bacon as possible.

    Find this person before you choose what bacon dishes you're going to eat - they'll already have tried them all and can tell you what the best dishes are.

    Credit: Gerardo Mora / Getty Images
  • 2

    The "Free Swag" Hoarder

    Everybody likes free stuff, but there's always that one person who goes a little over the top. I'm talking about that person who goes up to all the sponsors' tents (like i95 and KICKS) and cleans house.

    He takes everything he sees from stickers to coozies to the best thing on the table: the free shirt.

    Get to the sponsor tents early that day, before all the "swag" is gone, because swag hoarders don't play around.

    Credit: Rich Polk / Getty Images
  • 3

    The Crazy Dancer

    While this person is down for Bacon and Brew, they are mostly there for the music.

    You can find this guy/girl center of the front row, jamming out and not moving from this spot for the whole event.

    They're probably having more fun than you and not ashamed to bust out one of their legendary moves on you to get you in party dance mode. If you want to have as  much fun as possible, find this person.

    Credit: Getty Images
  • 4

    The Really, Really, Really Drunk Person

    Similar to the Bacon Obsessed mentioned above, this person is the same except with beer!

    Immediately upon entering the Bacon and Brew festival, this person flies right to the beer tent and is there ALL DAY LONG.

    The fact that there is a ton of variety in brews offered, has this person going bananas. Forget the bacon. Forget the live entertainment.

    All this person wants is his beer!

    This person is having just as much fun as the "Crazy Dancer" ... that is until they start puking. You can spot this person because they're movements are wobbly and they smell like throw up.

    Though we want everyone to have a real good time, we do not encourage or allow this level of intoxication at our event. So, definitely don't be this guy and avoid him if you can.

    Credit: Tyler Olson / Getty Images
  • 5

    The Person Who Loves Their V.I.P Pass

    It's one thing to go to a concert. It's another thing to have front row seats. But when you score a V.I.P pass to meet the bands backstage?

    That's something to celebrate about. This person isn't afraid to show off their pass to anyone. And they will ... at any possible chance they get.

    This person gets to go places where you've never been to, so it's OK to be jealous.

    Credit: ChrisGorgio / Getty Images