The last argument I had with my wife, Erica, started out with a normal discussion. She slipped in a nasty comment, and I shut down. About an hour later, she tried to bring it all back up, and by that time, I had had enough. So, I walked away from her every time she said anything more that was not an apology. 

In hindsight, this was a bad move because the continuous walking away and ignoring her sent her over the edge, and things got much worse. What was the last fight you had? Was it something having to do with the kids? Maybe the in laws? Was it about money?

Whatever the case may be, Ethan and I will listen to all the details, and make a ruling as to who was right and who was wrong. Court is in session. We will be fair and just. If there is a tie, we will turn it over to the listeners of the Ethan and Lou show to break that tie. We will be Judge-Mathis-like in our approach. Common sense and good judgement will prevail, and nonsense will not be tolerated in our courtroom.

If you've got tough skin, and can handle whatever ruling we can come up with, call the Ethan and Lou show tomorrow between 5:30-10am and tell us your story. The phone number as always is 203-775-9595.