There's a large group of parents in New Fairfield who are extremely unhappy with New Fairfield Schools Superintendent, Alicia Roy.  

According to a press release back in June of 2015, Roy received an award for being a, "persuasive voice for enhancing learning through strong policy, best practice, and supportive public will."

Fast forward to March 8, 2016, to a NewsTimes article that reads,

There's a simmering discontent among parents and teachers about New Fairfield Schools Superintendent, Alicia Roy.

What's happened over the last eight months where parents, and now teachers, are jammed into School Board meetings to voice their dissatisfaction?

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According to articles that have appeared in the NewsTimes, Roy and the school board have been criticized for lack of communication with the public, low test scores, and low teacher morale.

Superintendent Roy claims her door is always open if teachers and parents have concerns and would like to talk. Parents and teachers are saying that school board members are not listening to their concerns regarding Roy and, at times, not even looking at them when they speak. Parents also claim that one board member even made deprecating and insulting remarks to some of the parents who attended one of the meetings.

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Where does the truth lie? Even though all of my kids have gone through the New Fairfield school system, it was long before Roy was involved with New Fairfield, so I can't speak to these concerns.

Is it a witch hunt or do parents and teachers have legitimate concerns? How can the Connecticut Association of Schools name New Fairfield Middle School the #1 Middle School in Connecticut for 2014-2015 and then call for a vote of no confidence against their Superintendent eight months later? I'll have new developments as they become available.

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