A new mother from Connecticut made the news yesterday. She was shopping at a Target in Torrington when her baby got hungry, so she decided to sit down and feed her.

That's when it began. Jessie Maher was in the cafeteria section of Target, and while she was nursing her baby, she says she was verbally attacked by a man in the store.

According to her post on Facebook, he started calling her disgusting and even went as far as to call her a whore. Excuse me? She's a whore because she's feeding her child who is hungry? I can feel the anger rising as I am typing this. How dare he!

Luckily for Jessie, the employees of Target and another customer came to her defense. The woman customer can be heard on the video telling the man he can look another way or leave. The Target employees blocked the man from Jessie, and pretty much walked him toward the exit.

In an interview with WFSB, she said that with all the hate going on in the world it's pretty ridiculous that he would be upset about a woman feeding her one month old baby. You know what? She's right. With everything that happened this weekend, it is absolutely absurd that this was even an issue for this guy.

Good job to the Target employees and to the woman customer that came to her aid! No mother should ever feel ashamed of feeding their baby. Not to mention, it is completely legal for women to breastfeed in public.

Here is the video that Jessie captured.