Nobody loves a good movie like this guy sitting right here but three hours is completely unnecessary. 

According to Showbiz 411 the new movie set to hit theaters has gotten as much attention for it's length as it has for it's all star cast.  I mean don't get me wrong this thing looks amazing.

I like the risks Tarantino has taken over the years and the subject matter for the most part with the exception of Kill Bill...that was not for me.  I also love a good western but what could you say in three hours that cannot be said in two or two and change?  Kurt Russel who is already getting Oscar buzz for his role as "The hangman" said that the movie has an intermission.  YEP...I SAID IT...AN INTERMISSION!  I feel like I am taking crazy pills.  I have a hard enough time sitting down for twenty minutes straight let alone three hours.  This is all too much for me to comprehend.  My rear end cannot handle this.  I have a bony but man.  Let me give you a perfect example of a movie that I probably would have liked if it was not so long and that is Lord of the Rings: "The Return of the King."  That thing went on for like two months and had seventeen endings.  Fade to black...oh wait there is another ending.....fade to black....oh wait there is another ending and on and on.  I will give this film a shot because the cast is so amazing and it's a western but if I am not completely happy around mile marker 2 hours 15 minutes I'm not going to like it.