For years and years, the drive across the Tappan Zee Bridge from Westchester to Rockland hasn't always been the most enjoyable.

Well after the state approved a $3.9 billion plan to replace the aging bridge, it looks like progress is being made on the new span to connect the two parts of New York.

According to LoHud, the first major
sky blue girder was lifted from a nearby barge in the Hudson River, and put into place on top of two big concrete pillars in the river. At this point after seeing this part placed in it's position, we'll have a real sense of how the bridge will look.

the first of 134 girders that will used to build this much needed brand new bridge. These parts will arrive to the site every week for the foreseeable future, followed by
pre-fabricated road panels.

This new bridge
can't open fast enough as the decaying old one has certainly served it's purpose.