According to results from the Harris Poll's most recent survey of America's most favorite sports, over 36% of U.S adults, who say they follow at least one sport say pro football is their favorite.Here on the I-95 Morning Show every Friday morning at 9:15 during the NFL season, we devote 10 minutes to the three teams with thousands of fans in the Fairfield County, CT area.........the New York Giants, the New York Jets, and the New England Patriots. The feature is called, The I-95 Gridiron Reports, where we check in with actual beat reporters for each team. Covering the Jets is Greg DePalma from Jets Confidential Radio streamed over his Our Giants reporter comes to us from our local sports affiliate, Sports Radio 940 and 1510, lifelong Giants fan, Steve Fratt.  Our Patriots go-to guy, with hair as wavy as Tom Brady's  is Jon Scott from invite you to try on The I-95 Gridiron Reports every Friday morning at 9:15! Don't forget that you can stream us live at