I was in the car Sunday morning driving to Candlewood Lake, when I heard on the radio that the New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez had called for an 11 AM press conference.

My heart was filled with glee. I knew right away that whatever the news was, it would mean that the end for Alex as a Yankee would come sooner rather than later.

I found out after getting off the boat last night that Friday is Alex's last game in pinstripes. Hallelujah! He should have never been able to wear pinstripes. He is a disgrace to the Yankee uniform. His entire time as a Yankee was tainted by performance enhancing drug use, lies and divisive behavior.

He was often a distraction to the team. He famously under performed in the playoffs with the exception of the 2009 post season. He was an embarrassment with his off the field moves. We had the displeasure of having to see his photo shoot picture of him kissing his own reflection in the mirror. Worst of all, he was a Yankee, and therefore, I had to defend him to non Yankee fans.

It was a terrible task. Any argument I got into with a Red Sox or Mets fan always ended in a loss for me and a win for them. Just when I had them on the ropes, they would bring up Alex, and I had little to say to defend him.

The Yankee public image will be much better come Friday. I am excited to know that unless it's old timers' day, I will never see him in pinstripes again. Later, bro.