If you chose to celebrate our nation's independence by downing as much booze as humanly possible, a quality hangover cure could come in quite handy. Here are a handful of tried and true hangover solutions for your next "morning after."

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    Eat A Greasy Breakfast

    Whether it's late night or early morning, a sumptuous helping of fat laden sausage, a stack of pancakes, fried eggs and home fries and a large mug of coffee is a sure fire solution. This intense combo of deliciousness will sop up the booze in a timely manner plus you'll enjoy every succulent mouthful.

  • 2

    Hair of the Dog!

    Science says that your hangover peaks 12 hours after you start drinking and a Bloody Mary, some say, is the only way to go for a hangover, BUT make sure you call it quits after just one or you'll have to rinse and repeat!

  • 3

    Water and Sports Drinks

    Replacing the fluid you lost while bent over the toilet bowl is a great idea! James M. Schafer, an alcohol metabolism expert and research professor of anthropology at Union College says that, "Your whole body is sucked dry. Even though sports drinks contain those much needed electrolytes, they also contain tons of sugar and artificial dyes. A low sugar coconut water is the way to go."

  • 4

    Pickle Juice

    Pickle juice contains a lot of salty electrolytes that help your body recover after a hefty night of partying plus it tastes GREAT! Vinnie Paul Abbott, the former drummer for Pantera, says, "The vinegar gets right up in your muscles and rehydrates you and gets you back going. I drink a bottle of pickle juice almost every day, man, and it keeps me going great!"

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    Alcohol scientists claim that when you're blasted, you do fall asleep quickly, but as you begin to sober up your body can jolt you awake and make your symptoms feel even worse. If you have the luxury of sleeping late the next morning, your body will take care of curing itself.

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    The "Voodoo Cure" comes from the country of Haiti. A bit unusual but worth a try. The Haitians insert 13 pins into the cork of the bottle that caused the hangover, which is supposed to get rid of the nausea and overall feeling of hideousness from your moronic escapades from the night before.