"Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive!" Remember that TV intro from the old TV days of "Superman?" According to CNN's "Make, Create, Innovate," superpowers are being made to order by visionary scientists and creative hackers using light waves, chemicals, and rocket packs. Let's explore!


Flight: Even though scientists have been working to perfect jetpacks since the 1960's, they are just a year away from becoming viable. The Australian Martin Jetpack will go on sale to the public in 2016 and will be able to travel at 120mph and will be able to reach an altitude of 1/2 mile.

I wonder how much a "Jetpack" insurance policy's going to cost per year?


X-ray Vision: A new U.S. company is developing "augmented reality glasses" that allow drivers to see through car doors, and add or remove layers of vision. Currently Dutch engineers are working with light waves to see inside the human body.

Telepathy/Telekinesis: Communication through brain waves is close to becoming a reality. Dr. Miguel Nicolelis has succeeded in passing messages between two connected subjects in different countries. The Biostamp developed by Professor John Rogers, attaches flexible miniature sensors to the users temple which can track brain waves in real time and then transmit them as messages.


Night Vision: A California group called, "Science for the Masses," injected the eyes of a volunteer with a chemical found in deep sea fish. During the experimental trials, the test subject reported that he could see 164 feet through total darkness. Bionic contact lenses will soon be made available that will deliver zoom function, enhance your vision, and connect your eyes to the internet without needles!

Self Healing: The brains at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARP, are developing an "electronics prescription system" which would utilize a miniature implant system to keep track of all internal organs and would be able medicate the organs to keep them in tip top shape. This system would also work for mental conditions as well.

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