We've got a 3 day weekend to enjoy. Unwind with a good book. Take some time out on September 6 to participate in #NationalReadABookDay

My mom taught me to read at a very young age. One of my earliest memories is sitting and having her curl my hair while I read out loud to her. Mom wanted me to be "comfortable" with my voice! Little did she know what THAT would lead to.

Back on August 9, I shared with you that it was National Book Lovers Day.

September 6 we celebrate National Read A Book Day.

The big difference is that #NationalReadABookDay is about everyone!

Book lovers and non book lovers are all encouraged to get a book they would like and then do what we often find impossible. Find a quite, relaxing spot and read. Reading improves memory and concentration and reduces stress. Depending on what you read a book can improve a lot of other aspects of your life too. Trust me!

So it's time to turn off the TV and other electronics and enjoy the saying "oh the places you'll go"  by reading a book.

Pick up a book and then tell the world about it. Use #NationalReadABookDay to post on social media.