As we continue to pray and hold out hope for an end to the opioid and heroin crisis all around the country, it's still imperative to offer treatment to those addicted.

The stories of addiction, abuse, loss of family and often death run rampant because of heroin and opioids. Not only has Connecticut seen a major increase and the tragedy that comes from, but so has most of the country.

Now, in a story reported by the, there is more hope on the horizon.

A substance abuse center in Danbury is starting a new opioid treatment program with the help of a $100,000 grant.

The Midwestern Council on Alcoholism is planning to launch the new program on the first of July. The program uses an injection of the drug Vivitrol that stops people from having cravings for heroin and other opioids. One Vivitrol injection is supposed to last 30 days, preventing people addicted to opioids from having a relapse.

With no end in sight to this epidemic, any chance to stop an addict from relapsing is a positive outcome.

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