Really, man. I have not seen a performance like that out of a wide receiver in a long time. The guy went off. It was great TV. He went for like 200 plus yards, and it was electric. But he needs to stop it with the kicking net. 

I love that the guy is brash and emotional, I really do. I even loved that after he got beat up by the net the first time, he hugged it the following week. It shows he is able to laugh at himself. But, Mr. Beckham Jr., you have run this joke dry. After his first touchdown yesterday, he laid down underneath it. Then, after the second touchdown, he proposes to it. The joke is dead.

I'm all for dudes having fun in the NFL or "no fun league," you just have to come up with some new material. I also don't mind a post TD celebration, but taking his helmet off was a dopey move. It could have cost them the game. You don't want to be both the reason you put your team in a position to win, and the reason they lost. It's goofy, I tell ya.

I will give Odell Beckham Jr. this; he has made New York Giants games must-see TV.