Steph Curry is the only reason I ever watch basketball anymore. 

Growing up I was a huge basketball fan.  You see when I grew up was in my humble opinion the greatest time period in the history of the NBA.  You had Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Charles Barkley. Patrick Ewing and Reggie Miller.  It was truly amazing competition every year and nothing was a given.  Now the game has changed very much.  The outcome of a season all depends on the success or failure of 2 or 3 players.  Thankfully one of those ball players is Steph Curry.  He is the most exciting basketball I have seen play since Michael Jordan left the game.

Now on top of winning his first NBA title last year Steph Curry has added being the leader of the team with the best starting record in NBA history to his resume.  The Golden State Warriors are 16-0.  They got that sixteenth win by decimating the Los Angeles Lakers.  The final score was 111-77.  Steph dropped 24 points while Kobe Bryant countered with 4 points.  This team and this player are truly the only thing that has kept me at all interested in the NBA.  Curry's style of play is old school but with flash and excitement.  His ball handling and shooting ability are second to no one on planet earth.  The only question now many more can they win?

Watch this and tell me he won'y go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game...I dare you.