Well, if lighting things ablaze and destroying innocent people's property is your game then Baltimore is your place.

We have seen this all before in other cities over other things and the results are always the same IT DOES NOT INSPIRE ANY POSITIVE CHANGE.

What goes through a person's mind that is an active participant in a riot?

I think I will get up today and hurt my neighbors and destroy my own city that I too have to live in.  Sounds like a solid idea.  Whatever your thoughts are on the Freddie Gray situation this is no way to go about affecting change.

I was watching CNN and I saw some reporter live on scene and a guy behind him was swinging around a traffic cone and beating a car with it.  I laughed hysterically.

How is that going to get you to your goal ... whatever that may be?

My favorite riot maneuver though is the dumpster fire.  Nothing like a good dumpster fire.  Hot burning garbage...must smell delicious.

How classic is that photo?  The guy just chilling in the middle of the street while his neighborhood burns down.  No, no, no don't get up buddy.  You relax.