One of the things CT has going for it, as a commuter, is the absence of tolls on our major highways across the state.

It looks as though Gov. Malloy wants to either keep it that way, or keep himself distant from such plans, which is good news because nobody has extra money to spend on tolls....But, I could be interpreting his response incorrectly.


Scott Barbour/Getty Images

According to the News Times, a study was conducted that stated $62 million could be earned by Connecticut if tolls were installed. This would include tolls on the major highways such as 95, 84, Route 8 and even the Merritt Parkway. Consultant CDM Smith did this study for our friends in Hartford.

When Gov Malloy was asked about his views on this, The News Times reports that his spokesperson quickly responded saying:

The governor has neither proposed tolling nor endorsed the contents of this report, The governor has secured a historic amount of transportation funding — billions that will help transform our infrastructure for nearly the next decade.

Who knows what will happen....Nothing would surprise me these days.