Now that Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, you can bet we will get a new Star Wars movie every year for at least the next twenty years. The latest installment is called: "Rogue One." The movie is considered a spin off, and takes place at a very confusing point in the Star Wars timeline. 

It is said to take place between episodes III and IV. That confusion isn't all that is NOT working for the film set to be released on December 16 of this year. According to the NY Post, the first rough cut shown to Disney executives by director Gareth Edwards has not lived up to expectations. Not interested in taking any chances with releasing a sub-par product, the Disney executives have reportedly ordered expensive re-shoots to take place this summer.

Listen, no one loves the Star Wars franchise more than me. If I am being honest, I would gobble up any piece of garbage that features a shot of Darth Vader and a storm trooper. I just know that about myself, and, no, I am not proud of it. They do really need to try and get it right, though. Disney now has an obligation to rise to the high standards that most Star Wars fans have. Truth be told, of the seven existing movies, five of them have been good to great. You can not go out there, and lay an egg every other year. If they plan on making a million of these things, they have to get most of them right, or they will not capture the attention of the young audiences that the studio is craving. I love Star Wars, please don't screw this up, guys. There are a lot of 30-something fan boys out there that want to pass this obsession onto their children. In my opinion, they are also not leaving enough time between films. We need to be starved for a bit.