The year was 1722 when Chief Squantz stood tall and proud on Council Rock on Pond Mountain.

According to the book by author Peter Tomaino titled, Chronology Under Candlewood: Roots at Squantz Pond, Council Rock on Pond Mountain, which would soon become New Fairfield, was the lookout rock of the Schaghiticoke Tribe. Chief Squantz would start signal fires to communicate with other factions of the tribes from Massachusetts to the south of Sandy Hook. Looking out over his tribal nation, he knew the invaders were coming.

Squantz Pond - Credit Ethan Carey

The chief was right, because in 1723, a group of 12 colonists called the Proprietors traveled from Fairfield to New Fairfield to meet with Chief Squantz, where they offered to buy some land for a new colonial township. The Chief wasn't selling, so the 12 white colonists returned to Fairfield, and came back in the spring of 1725 to make another offer.

By then, the Chief had passed, but his four sons refused to deed over the land. Five years later, with pressure from other tribes in the area, the Proprietors took control of 31,000 acres of land that now are known as Sherman and New Fairfield. The selling price was $300.

As Candlewood Lake began to fill in 1928, dozens of Native American artifacts like arrowheads, spearheads, mallets, war axes, bits of pottery, and other implements became dislodged after being buried in the soil for close to 200 years. The Native Americans who originally inhabited Sherman and New Fairfield were an integral cog in the wheel of history.

After Chief Squantz died, Chief Waramaug was named the big boss. Chief Waramaug and his tribesmen found the valley, which is now Candlewood Lake, filled with abundant wildlife for food and beauty for peace. If they could comment, what would Chief Squantz and Chief Waramaug say about our lake, how we treat the land, and how we make everything about money?

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