I was invited to Grand Opening of the new Smashburger at 826 Queen Street in Southington, Connecticut this morning. Man, I love my job!

I wrote a blog about the opening that caught the attention of the Mohegan Holding Company, who own this, and the other three Smashburgers in CT - Milford, Manchester, and Waterford.

I received my invite yesterday, so, along with my trusty sidekicks, Joey and Trevor, we went and captured the festivities.

The menu features a wide variety of burgers and chicken sandwiches, which can be customized in hundreds of combinations. Salads, sides, and beverages, including beer and wine, are also available. In honor of our Connecticut Huskies, Smashburger serves up the Husky Burger, which has bacon, red onion, cheese, lettuce, and a special hot pepper relish on it.

There were about 40-50 people lined up along the side of the restaurant waiting to be among the first 50 in when the doors officially opened at noon. If you were lucky enough to be in that first 50, you were rewarded with a free weekly hand-spun Haagen Dasz Milkshake for a year! Sadly, Joey, Trevor and I were not eligible, but it was still fun to see everyone counting their place in line. The first people in line had been waiting since midnight!

Mohegan Holding Company plans on opening up to 20 more Smashburgers across the state in the coming years. That's a lot of Grand Openings, I have to fast now. Must...eat...more...burgers....

Congratulations, Southington and Mohegan Holdings Company! Much success to you.