So, you're honeymooning in South Africa having a great time and you decide to go cage  diving for sharks, when, from out of nowhere, a 15 foot, 2,500 pound great white shark slams into the cage looking for a snack.NBC Connecticut tells the story of a couple from Southington, Tiffany LaVesque and Spencer Reilly who decided on an adventure honeymoon in South Africa. Cage diving for sharks was on their "adventure" itinerary and here's what happened.

From out of the murky waters came a Great White that slammed into the cage looking for the bait that was dropped once the cage was lowered. Sharks end up banging into the cages because their eyes roll up into their heads for protection, so they literally can't see the cage in front of them. Spencer told NBC Connecticut, "That shark came at the bait really fast and they didn't really have much time to do anything else but pull the bait.

Some people who have watched the video on YouTube are criticizing the shark cage company for endangering the animal. As it turns out, Spencer actually extended his time in the cage waiting for a full grown Great White to appear. Some of the big "fellas" swam by later to see what the fuss was all about.

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