Halloween's coming up on Saturday, can't we at least enjoy it before we move on to the holiday season?  One in 10 people say... ABSOLUTELY NOT.

We expect stores and shopping malls to be decorated for Christmas already. Usually you can start seeing the boxes coming out of storage right after labor Day, however according to PR Newswire a new survey found 10% of people start their Christmas decorating before November... aka RIGHT NOW.

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Here's a breakdown of when people start their decorating:

  • 10% start before November
  • 16% in early November
  • 17% in mid November
  • 19% the week of Thanksgiving
  • 25% the weekend after Thanksgiving
  • 10% the first week of December
  • And 3% the second week of December.

I'm one of those 13% of people who don't decorate before December. Four weeks or so of holiday decorations is enough for me. I love the season, but don't like the rush to get it going so soon.....Sorry.